ABC Technique FZE Launched U & Me.Us Classifieds Website

ABC Technique FZE, the entrepreneurship leading company in IT and IoT turnkey projects has launched its new global classifieds website under the name: U & Me.Us:

U & Me.Us is the platform introduced by the developers to serve listing companies, public entities and to allow clients post their ads classifieds under different categories like Real Estate, Buy and Sell items, Vehicles for used and new cars trading, Services, and Jobs offered by recruiters. There’s also a specialized category for Community Services like Carpool, Activities, Events, Volunteering, Musicians and Artists, as well as Classes.

Why free? Most of the listings on the site is now free and will remain free as stated by the developers to allow maximum usage by advertisers and for those who need the first push in promoting their products and cannot afford pay for ads, and also for those who can actually afford advertising but the product or service itself is not of worth promoting by a paid ad.

As for companies listing on U & Me.Us, the developers at ABC Technique FZE confirm it will remain free and open for the first 100 companies and later will charge new companies a very minimal fee around $0.99 per year to list their companies on the site’s directory.
U & Me.Us Free Classifieds Site

The site is just starting, it’s simple but looks promising. The developers unveiled a statistics graph showing the number of visitors of the site’s listings in the first 3 days to average around 600 unique visitors per day, which is really an impressive achievement for a brand new site, of whatever products or message it’s offering. Those figures when the site had merely 16 ads on it.

A number of languages offer the ease of use by native speakers of English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), French, Spanish or Turkish languages as most of the categories are already translated when you change the language of the site with a click of a button.

18 countries already included with hundreds of regions and cities identified on the site, that includes USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, India, China, UAE, Saudi, Syria, France, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Lebanon. All the advertiser needs to do is register for a free account once and start posting.

All the best for the new startup which looks very promising and all credit for the staff on the site, hoping to see it become a major site for classifieds worldwide very soon. The site is already functioning smoothly yet the developers team promised to finalize all the needed tweaking in a matter of days. It’s fast, free and user friendly what the developers are working hard to maintain.