EU 2nd Passport

Obtain an EU Citizenship within 6 Months

The fastest track to obtain a European 2nd passport by way of investing in the real estate market through this offer.

Invest minimum 2 million Euros in properties in one of the leading real estate developments in Cyprus and get your passport in 6 months time only.

The investment is yours, the appreciation in the price is very profitable – current rate over 25% for offplan properties – in addition to the yearly rentals.

Our developers offer complete management of the property on behalf of the owner, and the owner can sell up to 75% of the properties after 2 years only, has to maintain properties worth of Euro 500,000 at all times.

No need to learn a new language, or stay in Cyprus, you can visit for any time every 6 months.

The applicant, wife and children will all get the 2nd passport. Applicant can also apply for parents for an additional small investment.

Our developer will provide all legal assistance required throughout the process.

We can also provide one on one consultation, personal or by Skype.