Investing in Crypto Currency Mining, Not Speculating

In the new digital world a host of up to 2000 digital currencies have emerged, and some of them take the major market share and some are even competing with fiat currencies and online money transactions.

Bitcoin is leading the market share as of now, followed by a few other main currencies and here’s where we are focusing now. Thinking of any new investment, I personally have a cautious approach until I am very much comfortable of the assets and potentials. I was constantly flooded by online promotions and even by friends to invest in the rising digital currencies, I wasn’t interested for many reasons, conventional investors would agree without even the need to mention any reason.

However, when approached by a friend who suggested to ‘mine the currency’ instead of ‘speculate it’, that grabbed my attention. So I spent a few days trying to learn and understand and as much as I go to find loopholes, all the questions were answered and especially with my friend’s offer. The platform she invited me to was well established, to say the least.

Bitclub Network, among tens of other platforms that provide a collaborative effort to mine the digital currencies, to decrypt the code and earn the coins as commission for effort, was the only one that suits a skeptic and conventional investor like myself.

Once you join the club and activate your paid account you’re not a client, rather a shareholder similar to any shareholder in any corporation, you have the same rights except it’s here without liability. The only liability or risk, if I may say, is the amount you’re willing to invest and may lose in the event of a complete meltdown of the internet worldwide, which doesn’t sound possible at least for the coming few years.

There’s also the legal aspect to consider, which again many countries have already legalized this type of business, and mainly mining and not investing. There’s a large number of countries as well which didn’t ban or issued laws against it, there might be few who do not encourage it until they understand it, but still it’s as legal as an investment can be.

Return on investment is not as high as some of the infrastructure projects would be, but on maturity of the investment, 3 years in this case, the return is quite high. Moreover, there’s the referral program they run which is way rewarding more than many other projects, even IT startups.

Don’t buy the digital currency, mine it.

Use the Contact Form to contact me for guidance and assist you get in the system and start earning instantly.

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